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Upcoming Webinars

Look In before you Lean In: A Values-Based Approach to Work-Family Balance

Monday, June 22, 12pm-1pm

Planners at different stages of their careers face many difficult choices, and the most overwhelming of all may be finding the best approach to achieving balance between work and family life. This topic is key to attracting and maintaining talent in our organizations, and also to the professional development of each planner. Finding a path amid the conflicting messages from parents, friends, spouses, and society at large can be paralyzing. This interactive session will use planning techniques to help participants follow a Values.Vision.Action approach to crafting a balance that will uniquely suit them. The session will include reflections from four senior professionals who have navigated different challenges with their respective families, including career upheavals, relocation, and meeting the needs of children and aging parents. The session will explore values and linking them to work-family choices, with exercises and examples.


Lorna Parkins, FAICP

Lorna Parkins, FAICP, has over 30 years of experience in planning, including both public sector and private sector positions. She is a skilled community planning facilitator. She has navigated her career, rising through a series of management roles to a prominent position in a large A/E firm, while raising four children and engaging in a rich array of volunteer and professional activities. She has engaged young women as a mentor and guest speaker and found that the anxiety around work/family balance can be paralyzing. In response, she has developed a values-based approach to work-family balance using the principles of community planning facilitation.

Katharine Ange, AICP

Katharine Ange, AICP is president of Renaissance Planning, a small planning consulting firm. She has 19 years of experience in design, analysis, policy-making and engagement to promote sustainable communities. Kate thrives fostering knowledge exchange and facilitating conversations that inspire action and lead to policy change. Based in Arlington, VA, she’s traveled extensively across the U.S. working with communities on transit-oriented development, multimodal transportation, health, scenario planning, visioning and comprehensive planning.  She leads a full personal life as a spouse, mom of a teenager, owner of two dogs, daughter to two parents, an avid reader and connoisseur of binge worthy television.

Nicole Bennett, AICP

Nicole Bennett, AICP, is the Planning Manager of Cincar Planning Consultants (C2G), a growing firm with offices in Atlanta, DC, Detroit and Raleigh. Nicole is a NEPA practitioner, urban planner, environmental justice advocate, diversity and inclusion champion, and mom of two teenagers. She is passionate about equity and social justice in planning and approaches each of her projects with those guiding principles in mind. She has an undergraduate degree in Economics and a graduate degree in Planning, both from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In her spare time, she enjoys writing, singing in her church choir and navigating life through her teenagers’ eyes.

Hannah Twaddell

Hannah Twaddell has 32 years of experience in multimodal transportation planning and policy development, with an emphasis on promoting sustainable, vibrant communities by integrating multimodal transportation, land use, and urban design. Since 2001, she has served as a consultant planner, facilitator, and educator for local, state, and national agencies, following a 13-year tenure with the regional planning commission in her home community of Charlottesville, Virginia. Throughout this time, Hannah has also volunteered for civic organizations, served as a church music director, and, with her husband, raised a daughter, cared for aging parents, and maintained the farmhouse built by his grandfather.

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