YPG/FAICP Mentorship Program

Program Vision: To build lasting and impactful relationships between young planners and senior planners across the state, particularly through mentoring in professional pursuits.

Why Mentor/Mentee:


  • Mentees provide issues and experience that in order to understand, reinforces the value of listening
  • Mentees provide an opportunity to enhance leadership skills through the provision of guidance
  • Mentees require assessment of mentors' personal values and experiences to identify best tactics utilized this far in their careers
  • Investing in a mentee provides an opportunity to give back to the Planning field


  • Mentors provide information and knowledge
  • Mentors provide an objective viewpoint on where improvement may be needed
  • Mentors find ways to stimulate personal and professional growth
  • Mentors offer encouragement and are a sounding board for ideas and opportunities
  • Mentors can be connectors and help introduce you to the Planning network

Program Levels

1) FAICP/Planning Directors

  • We are looking for FACIPs and/or Planning Directors with the objective of mentoring AICP and/or young professionals who are 5-10 years out of school and would liked to be mentored by a professional with extensive expertise in the Planning field.

2) AICP Professionals

  • We are looking for AICP professionals to mentor young professionals who are 0-5 years of college or graduate students enrolled in a graduate program at a Virginia university or college.
  • We are looking for AICP professionals to mentor young professionals who are 0-2 years our of school as well as planning students who have signed up to participate in the AICP Candidate Pilot Program. This program differs in that mentee will likely seek to learn about the AICP exam in addition to learning about the planning field.

For additional information and ability to participate in the Mentorship Program, please see the links below:

Program Information

Mentee Program Form

Mentor Program Form

Please submit all program forms or questions to the YPG Co-Chairs (ypg@apavirginia.com).