Mid-Atlantic Planning Collaboration

The Mid-Atlantic Planning Collaboration is a joint venture of the Maryland, National Capital Area, Virginia and West Virginia Chapters along with the Maryland Department of Planning, Maryland Planning Commissioners Association, Rural Planning Caucus of Virginia and West Virginia University's Land Use and Sustainable Development Law Clinic. The intent is to address topics that may be of interest to people involved in planning at all levels across multiple regions.

Weddings, Wine, and Wagon rides: Land Use Issues in Agritourism

Tuesday, September 7, 12:00pm–1:00pm

The increasing popularity of corn mazes, wineries, barn weddings, and similar activities throughout the country can raise a number of issues at the local level. Concerns related to agritourism include traffic, parking noise, lighting, and sanitation. Planners are often at the forefront of land use decisions related to agritourism and should have a working knowledge of potential issues and ways to address community concerns. Planners should also preemptively think about how issues related to agritourism could arise in the future.

The expert panel consisting of Kevin Atticks (Grow & Fortify), Shelby Watson-Hampton (Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission), Kyle Shreve (Virginia Agribusiness Council), and Jared Anderson (West Virginia University Land Use and Sustainable Development Law Clinic) will explain how communities have dealt with agritourism in creative and innovative ways by providing contemporary examples.

1 AICP CM credit.


Compatible Use and Development with Military Installations

Thursday, August 5, 10:00am–11:30am

The Maryland Department of Planning, in partnership with the Maryland Department of Commerce, is developing compatible use resources and guidelines to support military installations and their neighboring jurisdictions pursuing compatible use that both advances community development and preserves mission readiness and operations. Examples include Joint Land Use Studies, land preservation and buffer areas, model ordinances and planning elements, and spatial analysis resources. Planning will be partnering with Maryland and other Mid-Atlantic experts in the area of compatible use, from both sides of the fence, to discuss best practices and resources for collaboration.

1.5 AICP CM credits are pending.

For more information on Maryland’s Military and Civilian Compatible Use Project, see the project webpage: https://commerce.maryland.gov/compatibleuse


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Webinar Series

In November and December of 2020, the Collaboration launched an 8-part webinar series addressing a variety of topics. Special thanks must be given to the Ohio Chapter for aiding with the webinar hosting.

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