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If you are interested in joining, volunteering, or being active in YPG, please email View us on Facebook to check out events and happenings at

Vision and Mission:



Organizational Structure:

Organizational Structure

Current Co-Chairs:
Caitlin Aubut              Ashley Catterton




Is there an age cutoff for YPG participation?

Absolutely not. Anyone can be a member or participate in YPG events. Though the word "young" is in our name, we are an organization for planners of all ages and career phases who seek development opportunities. Our members range from college undergraduates and second-career professionals to retirees who want to mentor newer planners.

Do I have to be in the planning field to join?

Nope! We welcome members from all sectors and backgrounds. We have members from more environmental, urban design and engineering backgrounds and hope to soon involve architects, landscape architects, city administrators and professionals from other related fields.

Is there a fee to join YPG?

No, again! YPG is free to join. We may charge a participation fee for some events, however.

What am I signing up for when I join?

There is no participation requirement for YPG. You can interact with us online only or come to all the events.

What are the benefits of joining YPG?

Joining YPG gives you access to planning-related professional development resources, ranging from networking events to AICP study materials. YPG activities target the needs of students and emerging professionals in diverse career paths. Check out the rest of our website to see the things we're currently working on.

How do I join YPG?

Just send us an email at and we'll add you to our mailing list. It would help us to know your full name, job title and the section where you would like to attend YPG events. There are no annual dues or participation requirements!

Do I have to be an APA VA member to join YPG?

No, but you do have to be an APA VA member to take advantage of certain benefits, such as reduced conference rates and the soon-to-be-launched AICP resources portal.