All APA Virginia Chapter Members

In 2020, your Chapter will elect its leadership for the following 2 years.  It is crucial for the Chapter that the elected leadership be enthusiastic, energetic and committed to serving and growing our diverse membership.  Additionally, serving as a leader within the Chapter may afford opportunities that may not otherwise be available including enhanced networking options and the possibility to represent the Chapter at meetings, conferences and conventions within Virginia, the region or nationally.  I found the opportunity to serve my Chapter to be fulfilling at both a professional and personal level and for me it has led to continuing opportunities to serve our profession. Thus, I encourage each of you to consider offering yourself in service of your fellow chapter members.

Attached is the list of the 9 offices that will be on the ballot this year together with the duties and responsibilities of each.  Our goal will be to have 2 or more candidates for each office so that the election affords choices for the membership. In general, there are 4 Chapter Board meetings per year with 1 frequently occurring at the Chapter Conference.  These are all-day meetings, usually on a Friday.  In late September 2020, the current Board and the incoming Board will have an overnight retreat to update the Chapter Development Plan and to create the Board Work Program for the ensuing years. Other than at the retreat, remote attendance via telephone and videoconferencing is available.

If you have any questions about duties and responsibilities, please call or email George Homewood.  If your supervisor has questions about the time commitments and expectations of serving on the Board, please have them call or email George Homewood.

Please submit all nominations—self-nominations are fine!—to George Homewood at by 27 March 2020.

Thanks, and Happy 2020!

George M. Homewood, FAICP CFM
Immediate Past Chapter President
(757) 664-4770

Board Duties