Chapter Development Plan

Chapter Work Plan


The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall administration and operation of the Chapter. To this end, the Board has the authority to conduct any activity consistent with the intent of the Chapter Bylaws and the Bylaws of APA. The APA Virginia Chapter Board meets on a quarterly basis.

Executive Committee Members:

Andrew W. Hopewell, AICP, CZA
Director of Planning & Community Development, Town of Culpeper

Earl Anderson, AICP
Senior Planner, York County

VP Chapter Affairs
Josh Gillespie, AICP
Director of Community Development, Louisa County

VP External Affairs
Julie Chop, CZA
Principal Planner, City of Portsmouth

VP Inclusion
Tammy Holt
President, Universal Patterns Urban & Regional Management Consulting and Care Group

VP Legislative and Policy Affairs
M. Tyler Klein, AICP
Senior Planner, Frederick County

VP Membership
Donald Whipple, AICP
Chief Planner, City of Hampton

VP Sections
David Samba
Project Manager, Kimley-Horn

Professional Development Officer
John Harbin, AICP
Executive Director, Chesapeake Land Bank Authority

Brian Wegener, AICP, CZA
Program Manager, Loudoun County

Jason Espie, AICP
Principal Planner, EPR PC

Standing Committee Chairs & Board Appointees:

FAICP Committee Chair
Lorna Parkins, FAICP

Planning Directors Chair
Tevya Griffin, AICP
Director of Planning and Codes Compliance, City of Williamsburg

Development Chair
Brad Shelton, AICP
Director of Planning, Michael Baker International

YPG Chair
Caitlin Aubut
Planner, York County

CPAP Chair
Will Cockrell, AICP
Planner, EPR PC

Faculty Representative
Tom Sanchez, PhD
Professor, Urban Affairs and Planning, Virginia Tech

Student Representative
Meredith Beavers
Masters Candidate, University of Virginia

Planning Officials Development Officer
Mike MacKenzie
Director, Land Use Education Program, Center for Urban and Regional Analysis at Virginia Commonwealth University

Non-Voting Members:

Communications Director

Nick Rogers, AICP, CZA

Zoning Amendment Coordinator & Principal Planner, Arlington County

Planners Advocacy Network Director

Shubha Punase

Project Manager, Prince George's County

Faculty Representatives

Suzanne Moomaw, PhD, Chair & Associate Professor, Urban and Environmental Planning, University of Virginia

Jim Smither, Assistant Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University

Newsbrief Editor

Colie Touzel, Public Involvement & Title VI Coordinator, Fredericksburg Area MPO | GWRC

Social Media Coordinator

Jackie Wilkens, Marketing Coordinator, project:HOMES


Eldon James

APA Virginia Staff

Martina James Nalley
APA Virginia Staff

Gillian Saul
APA Virginia Staff