Leadership Academy

APA Virginia's 2024 Leadership Development Program

In the planning field, we need more people that are up for the challenge of leadership, including the required investment of time and energy to address the planning issues of our generation, such as housing, climate change, and racial equity. Above all, leadership is a commitment to people and the greater good. If you're looking to take that next step in your career, this Leadership Development Program will help to guide you in your pursuit to become the effective leader you wish to be. The program has a $50 registration fee for candidates who are accepted, due prior to the first class session.

Program & Schedule

2024: Meetings are scheduled over the course of a six-month period in. The first five courses are scheduled as a 3-hour session (10:00AM-1:00PM , including lunch) held in Richmond, Virginia. The final session will be held at the annual conference in Williamsburg, Virginia. Prior to each meeting, participants are expected to complete the requested course prep assignment to help them prepare for the meeting.

Location: Richmond, Virginia

Saturday February 24, 2024 - Introduction & Leadership Values - Lorna Parkins, FACIP & Andrew Hopewell, AICP

Saturday March 23, 2024 - Mindset - Glenn Larson, FACIP & Vlad Gavrilovic, AICP

Saturday April 27, 2024 - Emotional Intelligence - Denise Harris, AICP & Earl Anderson, AICP

Saturday June 1, 2024 - Negotiation - Julie Pastor, FAICP & Leon Hughes, AICP

Saturday June 29, 2024 - Diversity & Inclusion - Kurt Christiansen, FAICP & Arlova Vonhm, AICP

Sunday July 21, 2024 (Williamsburg, Virginia, afternoon time to be determined) - Leadership Reflections - Lorna Parkins, FAICP, Kurt Christiansen, FACIP & Andrew Hopewell, AICP

Interested parties, please fill out the application linked below and submit to APA Virginia President, Andrew Hopewell at president@apavirginia.com by:

January 19th, 2023

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