Planners’ Advocacy Network (PAN) is a great avenue for planners to join the conversations at the local, state and national levels, to influence policy outcomes. Joining this network of planning advocates from across the nation will enable you to stay up to date on APA’s policy priorities at the local, state and national level, generate impacts and influence legislations through participation in the various initiatives (legislative updates, calls for actions, and policy and advocacy events), and utilize the advocacy training and resources offered by the APA to succeed in your advocacy efforts.

Benefits of Joining the Planners’ Advocacy Network

Planners’ Advocacy Network offers a range of tools and opportunities to advocate for your communities at state and national level. It includes the following benefits:

  • Influence federal and state policy outcomes
  • Receive regular policy updates coming out of Washington and state capitals
  • Meet with elected officials
  • Get advocacy training tailored to meet Network needs
  • Enjoy exclusive access to events at APA’s Policy and Advocacy Conference

(Source: American Planning Association)

How to Join

Planners’ Advocacy Network is free for all APA members.

Visit the Planners' Advocacy Network page, click on the "Join Today" button, and check the My APA box "Yes, Include me in the Planners' Advocacy Network."

If you have any questions or interested in getting involved in our advocacy efforts, please contact APA Virginia's PAN Director at

Learn more about membership and other resources at APA's PAN website page linked below.

APA PAN Webpage

Call for volunteers for the “Congressional District Captain” Positions!

We are looking for volunteers to serve as Congressional District Captains at the Virginia Chapter of the American Planning Association! A Congressional District Captain will manage the grassroots engagement of chapter members on federal policy advocacy efforts, initiated by or a component of the APA Planners’ Advocacy Network (PAN), at the Congressional District level in Virginia. Additional details of this role could be found below. These volunteer positions are open for APA members. If you are interested in serving in this role or have questions, please contact APA Virginia's PAN Director at

View the Role Description